Special Needs

Please help!!! If you can donate, please go to valleyofthesundogrescue.com and use our PayPal link. Here is the story of Digger as told by the people that took her in. "I work in a bad area of town at a towing company. This area of town seems to have more than its fair share of abandoned dogs. One day a little dog was tossed out of a moving vehicle like a piece of trash. Each night she would dig her way into the tow yard and sleep in one of the vehicles for warmth. So we gave her the name Digger. During the day she would roam the streets looking for food. One of the drivers would put food and water by the car that she slept in at night. Day by day we tried to feed her and gain her trust. It took over 2 months for her to come close but not too close. After 3 months, she finally took some food from us. Within a few weeks she let us pet her and finally we had her trust. Now she knew what love was all about but still she would roam the streets during the day. Every morning when I came to work I would find belts wrapped around her neck so tight it was hard for her to breathe, then it was cat collars around her neck, then a leash. My heart was breaking at this point, who could be so mean? We discovered that a group of kids was doing this to her. After about a month of us feeding her and loving her she stopped leaving the tow yard all together. Every morning when I would arrive at work I was welcomed with tail wags and kisses. Once we were able to come close enough to her we discovered that she was pregnant. I decided that it was time to take her home. Digger went into labor this week. We stayed up all through the night with her and well into the next morning. But after hours of hard labor she still had not given birth to any puppies. We became very worried so I took her to the animal hospital. X-rays showed that her pelvis was broken and crushed on one side, no doubt the result of being tossed from the vehicle. Her crushed pelvis was blocking the birth canal where there was a puppy stuck. The vet performed an emergency C-section. Digger had been carrying 10 puppies; sadly 3 of them didn’t make it. She is now back in our foster care and is nursing her puppies "

Special Need

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue abandoned, injured or abused dogs, rehabilitate them, have them vaccinated, spayed or neutered and help them find their forever home. We also strive to increase public awareness about the gentler, humane side of a "Bully" breed.

Our Adoption Process

We hold adoption clinics weekly at various PetSmart pet centers in the area. Although we specialize in American Pitbull and American Staffordshire Terriers, all dog breeds in need are accepted with open arms, evaluated and treated as necessary and adopted to private homes. Our prospective adopters are required to fill out an in depth adoption contract, submit to home checks for a period of one year, as well as pay an adoption fee for the animal. Additionally, there are monetary penalties that must be agreed to for any mistreatment of the adopted animal. We also reserve the right to reclaim the animal in the event of mistreatment. Further, we reserve the right to pursue any individuals for mistreatment or neglect of the adopted animal through the court system or law enforcement agencies. All of the above must be read, initialed and the entire document signed prior to any adoption. We also have additional and specific requirements of the prospective adopters and their families to adopt a “bully” breed that must be met.

Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe